Moths Infestation?

Moths (No! Not the ones in your wallet)
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  1. Moth infestation - Our 24 hour moth control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your moth infestation swiftly and effectively: 01905-780814 or 07813 114862
  2. What to look for - Moths and moth eggs can be found in many articles containing; wool, mohair, fur, hair, feathers or other animal products. Other moth varsities such as Indian Meal Moths can be found in stored foods like dried vegetables, herbs, dried fruits, nuts, cocoa beans, confectionary, chocolate or grain products, also in packaging containing any of the above food materials.
  3. Risks if not dealt with quickly - Apart from damage to clothing or other materials, the Indian Meal Moth can cause economic ramifications for infested commodities.
  4. Your business and government legislation - Failure to comply with legislation is an offence, including Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974) and Food Safety Act (1990)