Wildlife Management

Protecting and managing wildlife populations - preventing conflict with human activities



David Price Pest Management

DPPM Wildlife Management helps to protect certain wildlife populations and at the same time prevent conflict with human activities such as farming and leisure. Excluding certain species from at-risk sites. Encouragement of natural predators to control and deter pest species.

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Problems with pigeons? - Don't worry: We've got the expertise from working on every type of building and structure where birds could perch. We'll devise the best and most cost-effective solution for your property.

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Rabbits (you know the ones I mean; “Hey, what’s up Doc?”) - Rabbits leave many signs, eaten crops, burrows in the earth. Rabbits burrow under playing fields, golf courses and buildings where they can cause structural damage.

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Foxes - Many people enjoy seeing them in their gardens or parks and in most situations they do not cause any problems. But in some situations they will kill small domestic pets and can be quite noisy.

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Moles - as with rabbits, moles burrow in the earth, they burrow under lawns, playing fields, golf courses even amongst crops causing damage

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Squirrels - (known by some as, vicious tree rats) Grey Squirrels not only drive away Red Squirrels but can also cause there deaths by transmitting a pox that red squirrels die from.

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David Price Pest Management

You can expect:

• A fast response including out-of-hours calls.
• Technical expertise that ensures pesticides or traps are used efficiently, effectively and humanely.
• Environmentally aware use of pesticides or traps.
• A complete understanding of health and safety regulations.
• E.R.D. Exclusion - Restriction - Destruction.

Comprehensive solutions for:

• Land Management.
• Damage prevention to site, facilities and stock.
• Building protection.
• Saving money on costly repairs.
• Ensuring safe and pleasant working & living conditions.
• Creating ‘piece of mind’

DPPM Wildlife Management:

A well planned strategy will help to ensure controls are met without the need for unnecessary loss of life to the wildlife of our countryside.

DPPM’s expertise has developed over many years and can be readily applied to tailor a programme specifically suited to your needs.