Wasp Infestation?

Wasps (Wasps can be a real pain in the………)
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  1. A wasp nest - Let us solve your wasp invasion swiftly and effectively. We offer a safe & convenient wasp nest treatment that will clear your wasp problem fast01905-780814 or 07813 114862
  2. Protect yourself and your family - A wasp sting can be a painful experience and can be life threatening to those who are allergic to stings and may suffer anaphylactic shock. Wasps can be dangerous once agitated - if in any doubt, seek professional, expert help.
  3. Handling wasps - Great care should be taken when dealing with wasps as they have a potent sting and can attack in large numbers if disturbed or threatened. We would always recommend calling an expert to tackle this problem, it is not a DIY job.
  4. Warning! - You should definitely not attempt DIY wasp nest treatment if you suspect you are sensitive to insect stings.